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Desiree Ellis 

Professional Makeup Artist

Beauty through makeup—and beyond

Hello! My name is Desiree Ellis, and I am a professional freelance makeup artist with a focus of beauty, image, and wellness. Thank you for visiting my page!

My professional and personal philosophy is transformation—from the inside out; my first priority is to make you, my client, feel good about yourself. My intention isn't to disguise or erase those aspects that make you you—I want only to show you how to enhance your natural beauty, while staying true to yourself and those aspects that make you truly special and unique. Because, honestly, why should you want to be anyone else?

In the arena of transformation, I am an expert. I have spent over twenty years as a personal trainer, (transforming peoples bodies) and of those years, fifteen I spent as a competitive body builder. It was during these years that I was introduced to the power of makeup; I loved the way that it made me feel, and I loved putting together the details and the finishing touches to create a final, stunning visual experience. I wanted only to share this love with others; I realized that it gave me joy, to not only create an ideal image for women, but to reveal to them their own beauty and confidence.

My objective—and my promise—is to deliver an incredibly positive and empowering experience. I understand that makeup is a part of a larger picture of wellness and self-care, and my intention always is to work with you to create the absolute best experience for you.